Traveling through innovation


Battuta Labs was founded to evolve and create products that helps people in their daily life. By doing so, we don´t stop at any idea or product after launching. We keep on traveling to do more. To help more. To create more. Join us in our journey and travel through innovation.


BattutaLabs launches First German Personalized Islamic Childrenbook

We´ve evolved Battutabooks to develop aesthetic products for todays parents. Our main product is the first personalized children books for muslim parents in germany. The personalized children books was launched in 2020 Ramadan.


Battuta Labs launches Halal business directory service

To help Muslim people visiting Berlin, we´ve launched our brand Halalhelden. On halalhelden, you can find und rate places to eat and buy with the focus on halal.


„Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.“ 

– Ibn Battuta 

Our aim is to travel through innovation to connect people through different cultures and religions to live in a modern and free world. Our approach is to develop innovative digital products for people´s daily life. 

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